Ashley Borders
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Professional Services

As an award-winning international fashion stylist, Ashley Borders has been featured in editorial publications and as a fashion editor. Her clients include Pageantry Magazine, South magazine, Savannah Magazine, Leo Burnett, Chevrolet & Pepsi among others. She currently serves as the fashion stylist for Gulfstream Aerospace’s marketing department. Ashley has an international client list that spans many cultures, genres and styles.

Ashley can be booked for a single service or multiple services depending on your creative needs.

Creative Direction

Print & Editorial

Ashley Borders will transform your vision into editorial reality. Curating the visual concepts and staffing a team of professionals, Ashley will oversee the settings and style to communicate storylines, themes and aesthetic objectives to the audience.

Music Videos

Curating the visual concepts and staffing a team of professionals, Ashley will oversee the settings and style to communicate your story to the audience. 


Ashley Borders will captivate your audience and visually communicate the story through stimulating moods, contrasting features and appealing to the human psychology by interpreting the vision of the director. 

Film & Television

Inspired by icons like Federico Fellini and Wes Anderson, she understands the importance of how elements used, artistic style and the use motion affect the film’s narrative. Ashley will manifest the desired moods, messages, concepts and intrinsic ideas into cohesive aesthetic imagery. 

Print & Editorial

Inspired by icons like Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, she understands the importance of how elements used, artistic style and the use motion affect the photographer’s interpretation. Ashley will manifest the desired moods, messages, concepts, and underlying ideas into cohesive aesthetic imagery.

Costume Design

With a deep understanding of the human condition, Ashley Borders will enhance each character’s development with an emphasis on distinctive, underlying, personal details.

Film & Television | Print & Editorial

Ashley creates an evolving plot of colour and visual design of garments and accessories, transforming characters along with their development, setting, time period and plot.

Corporate Clothing
Design & Manufacturing


Looking for custom clothing designs for your business, brand or organization? Ashley Borders handles designing of uniforms, sourcing of materials and can even assist with  manufacturing.

No graphic design or logo design

Film & Television | Print & Editorial

Collaborating with the costume designer, photographer, director, hair stylist and makeup artist, Ashley Borders will to put all characters together in the particular look that depicts their personality and personal narrative as the storyline evolves. 


Film & Television

Ashley Borders will transform your vision into a film reality. Curating the visual concepts and staffing a team of professionals, Ashley will oversee the settings and style to communicate your story to the audience while managing a team of cinematic professionals. Her understanding of aesthetic interpretation of design, interior design in in film and her ability to design and produce sets and makes her a creative asset to your production team.


Personal Services



Are you ready to unleash your personal style and inner beauty? Do you ever wonder what colours flatter your skin tone? Or which styles complement your body shape? Or which garments are most suitable for specific occasions?

The understanding of the general principles of body shape, colour palette and misconceptions of fashion “rules” will be essential to developing an evolving personal style.

Together, we’ll work to find the best styles to flatter your figure and personality so we achieve the outcome you desire. Our role is to provide you with the necessary tools so you can present the best and most authentic you, without stress and struggle. Getting dressed will soon become an exhilarating experience in self expression every day!

Are you ready to change your life by enhancing your style?

Ashley Border’s Personal Styling Sessions below can be booked as one or bundled together. Each includes a Personal Style & Image Consultation, consisting of a body shape analysis, color consultation and a wardrobe planning session.

WARDROBE & Closet Overhaul

In a half or full day audit and planning session, you will learn all about what to wear, what not to wear, and what will work best for you.

Together, we will revitalise your existing wardrobe making it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it. We will put together outfits and customize your existing pieces in ways that you would have never imagined! You will feel like you were gifted a whole new collection of clothing. 

A new eye to your wardrobe with a broadened sense of fashion is the most cost-effective way save you time and money. It’s like shopping in your own closet!


Nothing pairs better with a wardrobe style overhaul than a personal shopping extravaganza.

After cleaning out and analysing your wardrobe, it’s time to fill the void of your old pieces to maximize what you’ve kept. Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy?

We’ll take a half or full-day personal shopping trip to buy staple pieces suited for your new-found image or to add to your already fabulous collection, working within your budget.




Image Consulting

Represent yourself and your brand with professional wear best suited for your position and goals.

We will help you improve your personal and professional image by getting you in quality clothes fitted to your body type. This package is especially great for those who are seeking to expand their own brand, move up in their industry and/or those who represent themselves or companies in the media.


Clothing Design

Looking for a completely custom garment? Ashley Borders will design and produce a timeless piece just for your aesthetic and occasion.

Personal Styling

Whether you’re attending a gala, awards ceremony or need several outfits for a photoshoot, we will get you dressed! Let us pull garments and accessories and get you into a stand-out look.